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    This is the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting journey. The fact that wearing my hair chemical-free is a "journey" is absurd, but it is sadly true. I have learned and been so inspired by so many other sisters' hair photos & albums, that I felt compelled to publish mine as well.

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September 26, 2007


Gumbo Gurl

"Poopy" That's too cute! That's why I love and adore them little ones. What precious moments!

Sounds like Lil. Ms J is seeking attention. Hopefully, her and Z can eventually get along. You know the ole' cliche' , kids will be kids. They fight one day and play the next.

And yeah, let Daddy give 'em the scoop on the sacs....LOL!

Gumbo Gurl

Summer, had to come back and say - Nice hair-do. and VERY NICE SMILE! I'm doing the natural thing too, just can't sport the 'fro just yet. I'm working on it though.


Tha is so funny! I never heard of that being a delayed discovery. His vocab is so big already...I bet he could have handled 'testicles'.


gumbo girl> thanks for the advice and compliment. i'm just pretty much watching the J situation right now; she's new to the center, and apparently she doesn't make friends easily. how long have you been au naturale? and if you're not sporting the 'fro, how are you wearing your hair; how long is it?

quel> yeah, it was pretty funny to see. he was SO excited. i'm sure he could have handled 'testicals', but i couldn't think of the real name of the darn things!


and honey lemme tell you, you will hear much more of these gem conversations from your boy.
Yesterday my boys told me about flirting which is when a boy and girl want to go out on a date.
I will be all the way DONE when I find them comparing their P's to see whose is bigger!!!!
I think my boys used to call them tennicles at one point :)
And did you hear me call your name last night when Benny Ninja made an ANTM appearance?


Aw your baby is a man now, cause he done discovered his "poopy's" Too funny Summer. Teach Z not to be her punk (lol)No for real kids work that stuff out all the time. Dollface had a bully in her class in kdg and I kid you not the little girl was like a size 3T,no for real she is the smallest thing in the entire school. Now they are like really close friends and I guess she's about a 4T now and they're in second grade.

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