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December 21, 2007



Definitely an interesting argument. I certainly believe that institutionalized racism plays a role in the lives of black people. However, it's how we chose to deal with that racism that makes us who we are as a people. Instead of seeing racism as a "minor challenge" (Petey Green- Talk to Me) some people allow it to cripple them before they even get started in life. These people can often be recognized by the statement, "The man or Mr. Charlie is keeping me down." I think the biggest thing black people need to do is recognize that racism exist and then figure out ways to keep pushing on. Sure, you might get turned down for that job because you're black...sure a white woman might clutch her purse when you walk by...etc. Yes, it's frustrating and sad at times and while things are getting better, racism still exists. So instead of chosing to turn to drugs or alcohol because the white man won't hire you, try to figure out why you didn't get the job. Sure it might be because you're black, but it also might be because you don't have the necessary qualifications or you're not articulate or dressed well during the interview. The white man is not to blame for all of our problems. Black people need to take some of the responsibility.


I think the biggest thing black people need to do is recognize that racism exist and then figure out ways to keep pushing on.

I needed to hear some other takes on this. It's good to find out what's on people's minds. Helps in understanding our world.


I believe that we determine our own circumstances...if this was not true, how would there be the "Jayzee's, and Diddy's" of the world. It will be a hard fight, a constant struggle, but we have all we need to pursue and live our dream. Stay strong and resilient lady.


I couldn't agree even more with you Sum. I've been in various debates on this same issue and I believe we do have choices.

I believe racism will always be what it is, but it's how we overcome this to better ourselves. I use it as a tool to continue to grow. It's not an obstacle, it's an avenue.

I see and hear people who manipulate the system because it is available. They have no movement to grow, to prosper and achieve. They are content with just existing, yet they blame the white man for their misfortunes.

I'm so seriously tired of that one particular excuse. Get up, get out and do something! Not you, but you feel me right?! Great post!


black is what WE make it. if we make it hood, it's hood. if we make it educated, successful, yada yada yada, then so be it. what you sow, you reap. not to slight diddy and jay-z's success, but a finer example is oprah. this is a black woman from the south, where racism is arguably most prominent even today. she took chances on herself thus challenging racism, discrimination and misogyny. i think that's how black folks should view this thing-- as taking a chance on ourselves, believing in ourselves despite whatever negative notions exist about us.


thanks for all your comments! it's reassuring to hear such optimism. also, a conversation with my sister also assured me that the debate i had was as exhausting as i had determined it to be.

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