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    This is the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting journey. The fact that wearing my hair chemical-free is a "journey" is absurd, but it is sadly true. I have learned and been so inspired by so many other sisters' hair photos & albums, that I felt compelled to publish mine as well.

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November 11, 2006



hmm @#1. I think I've seen such a burger on a menu I can't recall. I think my youngest would enjoy that. He eats his nuggets with fries..always.

And can I just say I don't know how you're getting away with only giving us 5 facts at a time! *hmph* I should start a petition!! LOL!


Very brave of you to try the seedless watermelon . . .

Please be careful with the citrus, Ma. I like you and enjoy reading the blog. . .don't want you to meet up w/ an unfortunate incident.

"10. I'm very particular with microwave times. I'll stand in front of it trying to figure out if it should be 7 seconds or 12 seconds, etc. I rarely choose a round number as a time"

Control issues? LOL!

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