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    This is the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting journey. The fact that wearing my hair chemical-free is a "journey" is absurd, but it is sadly true. I have learned and been so inspired by so many other sisters' hair photos & albums, that I felt compelled to publish mine as well.

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October 16, 2005



Love your list! I better get to mine. This soooooo sounded like me. I think I even typed it to someone not too long ago. "Hold a grudge. Life's too short. People make mistakes. People change. Plus, it just takes too much of my energy." Love it!


that was so funny summertime. the uhn huh thing is the same for me-- zion started mocking me on the phone and the whole conversation would be "uhn huh"...


Ok. I wanted to go back and add Taye to my list, but I didn't have anybody to sub out! I wish the list could have been longer. I would have added Lorenz Tate too.

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